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          GestIC® Technology Colibri Gesture Suite

          Microchip's Colibri Gesture Suite is an easy-to-use library of GestIC technology features. By analyzing today’s user interfaces, Microchip has developed the suite to be functional, intuitive and fun. For ease of use, the features are pre-processed on-chip to allow manufacturers to realize powerful user interfaces with very low development efforts.

          Gesture Classification

          The Colibri Suite uses a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) based gesture recognition engine in conjunction with x/y/z hand-position vector post-processing. It provides highest user independent recognition rates of 3D hand and finger gestures.

          Colibri Benefits

          • On-chip, ready-to-use suite
          • Sophisticated Hidden Markov Model based gesture recognition
          • Highest recognition rates
          • Optimized for most intuitive gestures
          • Fast design and time to market success for developers.
          • Real-time features, running concurrently
          • Customizable per individual OEM request

          The Colibri Suite features high-resolution x/y/z hand position tracking, flick, circle , and touch gestures to perform input commands such as open application, point, click, zoom, scroll, mouse-over and many others without the need to touch the device.

          Mobile-Friendly and Always-On

          Approach Detection is a programmable function that scans for user activity while the chip is in self wake-up mode. If real user interaction is detected, the system automatically switches into full-sensing mode and alternates back to wake-up mode once the user leaves the sensing area. As a result, always-on 3D gesture sensing becomes a reality, even for battery-powered products.