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          Getting Started

          Microchip offers a variety of user-friendly development tools to help get you started on your next project.

          2D Multi touch with 3D Gesture Development Kit (DV102014)



          Microchip’s DV102014 development kit is a complete reference system for evaluation and design in of 2D (Projected Capacitive) and 3D (GestIC ) human machine interfaces:

          • Combines 2D multi touch with 3D gestures for displays
          • Out-of-the-box experience – no code development
          • Parameterization, diagnostics and settings byAurea 2.0, a free downloadable graphical user interface (GUI)


          2D PCAP

          • Multi-Touch up to 10 touches
          • 5 touches typically at 100Hz+ each
          • MTCH6303 touch IC works with with MTCH652 TX Line driver for superior signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
          • Integrated single and multi-finger gesture recognition suite including taps, swipes, scrolling and pinching and zooming
          • Advanced DSP processing provides noise avoidance techniques

          3D GestIC

          • Sensing Type: E-Field
          • Detection Range: up to 20 cm
          • Single chip 3D gesture recognition solution – MGC3130

          MGC3030 Woodstar Development Kit (DM160226) and
          MGC3130 Single Zone Development Kit "Hillstar"(DM160218)



          The MGC3030 Hillstar / MGC3130 Hillstar development kits enable the complete design in of GestIC® technology-based single chip gesture solutions for 3D gesture based user interfaces. The kits contain:

          • MGC3030 / MGC3130 Module
          • I2C to USB Bridge Module
          • Reference electrode (95 × 60 mm sensitive area)

          Microchip provides an extensive and growing collection of reference designs, reference codes and tutorial videos:

          • 2 / 4 layer design in small to max size
          • Round/rectangular/frame shaped designs
          • Host code source code references
          • Tutorial videos for design-in of GestIC technology

          Design-in of GestIC technology is guided by the Aurea Graphical User Interface (GUI), with its built-in help and support system. Aurea is also the platform to parameterize your MGC solution to your requirements and use case.

          Download the latest releases of the GestIC Hardware References, Software and reference code Packages, Design guides and all other information from the links below.

          3DTouchPad – World's First 3D Touch and Gesture Development Kit for PC/PC Peripherals (DM160225)



          The 3DTouchPad is a PC peripheral to extend a 2D touchpad with 3D gestures. It utilizes Microchip's Projected Capacitive (PCAP) sensor solutions, as well as Microchip's GestIC 3D gesture technology. The 3DTouchpad offers multi-finger tracking and surface gestures, as well as free-space 3D gestures above the surface.

          The 3DTouchPad comes with a suite of software, including a comprehensive SDK for Windows® 7/Windows 8 operating systems that allows feature-rich development of apps and drivers. The SDK is fully documented and loaded with compelling features.

          The 3DTouchPad also offers an exceptional out-of-the-box experience.