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          Design Partners

          Touch Design Partner Specialists

          The following companies have proven touch and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design expertise as verified by Microchip. Please contact any of these companies for design services and support for your touch project needs.


          Click on the options below to find a Touch Design Partner by specialty:

          1D Touch: Button, Slider and Wheel Partners

          Design PartnerLocation(s) Contact InformationKey Benefits
          Wisconsin, USA
          +1 (414) 847-1814
          Germany, Europemarcus.riegger@demmel.de
          +49 8381 919 0

          France, Europecontact@ines-rd.com
          +33 (0) 2 41 48 49 44

          France, Europe+33 2 41 21 41 21
          Quad IndustriesBelgium, EuropeWeb Form
          +32 (0) 3-722 03 03
          RAFIBerg, Germanyeric.bulach@rafi.de
          +49 751 89-1495
          Schaeftner EngineeringGermany, Europedaniel.schaeftner@schaeftner-engineering.com
          +49 (0) 171 15 86 382

          Tennessee, USAbrian@viper-design.com
          +1 (615) 389-3027

          Hong Kong, ChinaTouch.Specialist@willas-array.com
          +86-0755-88295600 (ext 5755)

          2D Touch: maXTouch® Technology Touchscreen Partners
          Design PartnerLocation(s)Contact InformationKey Benefits
          +86 (755) 8886-0696
          • More than 20 years experience in design and manufacturing displays and touches for industrial applications
          • Vertical Integration: In-house for CNC, tempered, glass sensor, film sensor, optical bonding, etc.
          • One-stop to buy
          • Low MOQ and flexible support
          DATA MODUL

          New York, USA

          Munich, Germany

          +1 (631) 951-0800

          +49 89 56017 134
          • Display distributor
          • Standard sensor line-up 3.0” to 23.8”
          • Custom sensor designs 
          • Local presence in EU countries and USA (East/West coast offices)
          • In-house optical bonding and lamination 
          • On-site FAE support 
          DAWAR Technologies, Inc.Pennsylvania, USATony Gray
          +1 (972) 491-1260
          • Support glass and film sensors
          • US-based low-volume production
          • Asia-based manufacturing for high-volume projects
          • In-house OCR bonding
          ELO Touch

          Taipei, Taiwan


          Texas, USA 


          Leuven, Belgium

          +886 2 7743 3660

          +1 (919) 649-8445

          +32 16 704 509

          • Offers IntelliTouch® Pro PCAP touchscreens from 7" to 55”
          • Manufacturing facilities in California and China
          • Supports glass and film sensors
          • Strong global sales and support
          Fannal Electronics Co, Inc.Hangzhou, China

          Lesen Ding
          +86 (571) 8516-1516

          • In-house sensor line/display/OCA/OCR optical bonding from 2.8”~32”
          • Flexibility on MOQ
          • Local presence in China (East/South China offices) with sales and marketing in Italy
          Goworld (Shantou Goworld Display Co., Ltd)Shantou, China 

          Samic Su
          +86 0754-89892463

          • Leading automotive touch supplier
          • Vertical integration of LCM and touch panel
          • Production capacity
          • Broad touch patent portfolio
          • Quality and service system
          Grayhill IncIllinois, USAmatt_huner@grayhill.com
          +1 (708) 482-2100
          • Specialize in full touch solution including mechanical, hardware, and software design
          • Offer touch products integrated both on and off the display, putting the power of touch right next to the operator
          • Ability to integrate touch, pressure sense, and haptic response in one module or product
          • Offer standard products when needed to minimize design time and development costs
          • Software integration libraries and protocol that minimizes customer integration time
          MSC Technologies GmbHStuntensee, Germany


          +49 8165 906 300
          • Broad standard module offering
          • Customizations of sensors
          • Display distributor
          • Local presence in EU countries
          • One glass/nanowire solution support 
          NVD (New Vision Display)






          +86 755 2862 0888

          +1 (508) 344-4269

          +1 (972) 522-9509

          • Vertically integrated one-stop LCM provider
          • Owns and operates three factories in China
          • Manufactures Passive and Active LCDs
          • In-house chemically strengthened cover glass manufacturing
          • Glass and film-based PCAP sensors up to 25" with glove, water, salt water, and stylus support
          PDA (Precision Design Associates)

          Georgia, USA


          Taipei, Taiwan

          Phil Wills
          +1 (770) 664-0448

          Vincent Yeh

          • Engaged with Quantum Research Group before Atmel and Microchip acquisitions
          • Broad standard module offering
          • Flexible outsourced sensor supply chain
          • Flexible business models
          • Flexible sensor stack/pattern

          Taipei, Taiwan


          Shanghai, China


          California, USA


          Breda, The Netherlands

          Taiwan + USA
          +886 2 2659 0606


          The Netherlands
          +31 0 85 0021465
          • Turnkey mission critical human machine interface (HMI) design and manufacturing
          • High performance display and touch panel optical bonding
          • Display enhancements: ruggedize, sunlight readability
          • Sensor/circuit design, PCB layout and SMT capabilities
          • Software integration support, multi-OS
          RAFIBerg, Germanyeric.bulach@rafi.de
          +49 751 89-1495
          • Strong industrial, medical and commercial vehicle market expertise
          • Specialist in all kinds of HMI devices
          • Hardware, software, mechanical design and production
          • Sensor design and production
          • Glass (up to 24”) and film sensor 
          • Own glass sensor production
          • Clean room facilities 
          Tianma Japan, Ltd.Kawasaki, JapanWeb Form
          +81 44 435 1666
          • Broad product offering with true industrial design and one-stop shop including displays with touch panels
          • World-class factories with cutting-edge R & D
          • Strategic commitment to manufacturing with a focus on supporting professional display products and long product life policy
          Touch InternationalTexas, USAsales@touchintl.com
          +1 (512) 832-8292
          • Vertically integrated OEM solutions provider
          • Touch panels/optical filters - 0.5” to 90”
          • In-house display enhancement - sunlight readable/NVIS/dual-mode
          • Dry film and liquid optical bonding
          • Low volume/high mix - high volume repeatable
          • ISO9001/AS9100/ISO13485/ROHS2/REACH/ITAR
          TouchTurnsCalifornia, USAshiou.huang@touchturns.com
          +1 (408) 645-2607
          • ITO, Carbon, Ag, FLM
          • Santa Clara proto clean room
          • Rapid two week prototyping
          • CNI in China for high volume
          • P1 thin sensor on film
          • Glass or film: 1.2” to 21.5”
          Uni-Electronics/GallardoTokyo, Japansuyama@uni-elec.co.jp
          • Wide variety of capacitive touchscreens and buttons
          • Hardware design and manufacturing support
          • Tuning support is also available with specialized equipment
          • Configuration tuning (software support) available
          • Very fast time to market
          • Flexible sensor stack/pattern

          Click on the options below to learn more about standard, off-the-shelf touch modules:

          2D Touch: maXTouch Technology Touchscreen Display Modules
          ResolutionVendor NameDisplay OEMModule Part NumbermaXTouch
          Part Number
          Sensor ChannelsTouch Interface*Display InterfaceBrightness
          Viewing AngleOperating Temp (°C)PurchaseVendor Comments**
          3.5320 × 480Goworld Display CoGoworld Display CoDM13116mXT336T I2C-Vendor18/16-bits RGB30060/55/60/60-20 to +70Info 
          3.5480 × 320TouchTurnsEAST-RTT00035LSTDmXT336U10X 15YI2C-OBJSPI28070/70/70/50-20 to +70InfoTT
          4.3480 × 272New Vision DisplayOSDOSD0430T4316-71TSmXT336U14X 24YI2C-OBJ24-bit RGB100080/80/80/80-20 to +70Buy 
          4.3480 × 272TouchTurnsTDOTT00043LSTDmXT336U14X 24YI2C-OBJ24RGB50080/80/80/80-30 to +70InfoTT
          4.5480 × 854Goworld Display CoGoworld Display CoGWMD14947mXT224T I2C-OBJMIPI DSI45080/80/80/80-20 to +70Info 
          5.0800 × 480New Vision DisplayOSDOSD0500T4319-71TSmXT336U14X 24YI2C-OBJ24-bit RGB85080/80/80/80-20 to +70Buy 
          5.0720 × 1280TouchTurnsTDOTT00050LSTDmXT336U14X 24YI2C-OBJMIPI35080/80/80/80-20 to +70InfoTT
          7.0800 × 480Data ModulInnoluxeTD070W2201-INA-AmXT640T30X 18YUSB-HID, USB-VendorLVDS50070/70/60/60-20 to +70InfoDM
          7.01024 × 600New Vision DisplayOSDOSD0700T4318-71TSmXT640U32X 20YI2C-OBJ/I2C-HIDLVDS31470/70/60/60-20 to +70Buy 
          7.0800 × 480Promate SolutionsAUODM-070W3TF0mXT1664T3 I2C/USB-HID/I2C-HIDTTL56080/80/80/800 to +60InfoPM1
          7.01280 × 800TouchTurnsTIANMATT00070LSTDmXT336T24X 14YI2C-OBJLVDS40080/80/80/80-20 to +70InfoTT
          10.11280 × 800Data ModulInnoluxeTD101W3201-INA-AmXT640T20X 32YUSB-HID, USB-VendorLVDS50085/85/85/85-20 to +65InfoDM
          10.11280 × 800New Vision DisplayOSDOSD0101T4317-71TSmXT1066T241X 26YI2C-OBJ/I2C-HIDLVDS82080/80/80/80-20 to +70Buy 
          10.11280 × 800TouchTurnsSTARTEKTT00101LSTDmXT1664T328X 44YUSB-HIDLVDS;35085/85/85/850 to +50InfoTT
          10.11280 × 800Promate SolutionsAUODM-101E1TF0mXT2952T2 I2C/USB-HID/I2C-HIDLVDS32085/85/85/85-10 to +60InfoPM1
          10.11280 × 800Dawar TechnologiesK & DDW03166-BmxT1664T3 USB-OBJ (USB 2.0 with Microchip standard object protocol);VGA;HDMI65085/85/85/85-10 to 60Buy 
          12.11280 × 800Data ModulInnoluxeTD121W3202-INA-AmXT2952T241X 67YUSB-HID, USB-VendorLVDS40088/88/88/88-20 to +80InfoDM
          12.11024 x 768Promate SolutionsAUODM-121X1TF0mXT2952T2 I2C/USB-HID/I2C-HIDLVDS40080/80/70/70-30 to +70InfoPM1
          12.11024 x 768Dawar TechnologiesTianmaDW03177-BmxT1664T3 USB-OBJ (USB 2.0 with Microchip standard object protocol);VGA;HDMI400 -10 to 60Buy 
          12.11280 × 800TouchTurnsKYOCERATT00121LSTDmXT1664T332X 52YUSB-HIDLVDS50085/85/85/85-20 to +70InfoTT
          13.31920 × 1080Data ModulAUOeTD133W3202-AUA-AmXT2952T241X 71YUSB-HID, USB-VendorLVDS40089/89/89/890 to +70InfoDM
          15.01024 × 768Promate SolutionsAUODM-150X3TF0mXT2952T2 I2C/USB-HID/I2C-HIDLVDS28080/80/70/800 to +65InfoPM1
          15.61366 × 768Data ModulInnoluxeTD156W3202-INA-AmXT2952T241X 71YUSB-HID, USB-VendorLVDS30080/80/80/800 to +60InfoDM
          15.61920 × 1080Data ModulSharpeTD156W3202-SHA-AmXT2952T241X 71YUSB-HID, USB-VendorLVDS40085/85/85/85-20 to +75InfoDM
          15.61366 × 768Promate SolutionsAUODM-156E1TF0mXT2952T2 I2C/USB-HID/I2C-HIDLVDS32085/85/80/800 to +60InfoPM2
          15.61366 × 768Dawar TechnologiesTianmaDW03178-BmxT1664T3 USB-OBJ (USB 2.0 with Microchip standard object protocol);VGA;HDMI400 -10 to 60Buy 
          18.51920 × 1080Data ModulAUOeTD185W3302-AUA-AmXT2952T241X 71YUSB-HID, USB-VendorLVDS35089/89/89/89-20 to +70Info DM
          21.51920 × 1080Data ModulAUOeTD215W3302-AUA-AmXT2952T241X 71YUSB-HID, USB-VendorLVDS25089/89/89/890 to +60InfoDM


          * Touch Interface
          I2C-OBJ (I2C with Microchip standard object protocol)
          I2C-HID (I2C with HID protocol)
          I2C-Vendor (I2C with proprietary vendor specified protocol)
          USB-OBJ (USB 2.0 with Microchip standard object protocol)
          USB-HID (USB 2.0 with with "HID" protocol)
          USB-Vendor (USB 2.0 with proprietary vendor specified protocol)
          SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)

          **Vendor Comments
          DM This off-the-shelf product is open to customization. Please contact DATA MODUL with your requirements. MOQ rules for customization should be considered. Additionally,video interface module available with options of DVI, VGA, DP, or HDMI input to be ordered separately.
          TT Cover glass can be customized per customer requirements without  changing the sensor design.
          PM1 1.8mm Cover Glass with chemical strengthening, This off-the shelf product is open to customization. MOQ rules for customization should be considered.
          PM2 2.8mm Cover Glass with chemical strengthening, This off-the shelf product is open to customization. MOQ rules for customization should be considered.

          2D Touch: maXTouch Technology Touch Sensors (without displays)
          Size (")Cover Glass Thickness (mm)Vendor NameModule Part NumbermaXTouch Part NumberTouch Controller MountingSensor ChannelsSensor Electrode Pitch (mm)Touch Interface*Touch Sensor Stackup**PurchaseVendor Comments***
          4.31.1Data ModuleTP043W2102-CSmXT640TCOF (Chip on Flex)20X 12Y4.8OBJ-I2C GFFInfoDM1
          4.31.1New Vision DisplayTP2147SA043C-01mXT336UCOF (Chip on Flex) 4.0I2C-OBJGGInfoNVD
          4.31.1Dawar TechnologiesDW03044-BmXT336UCOF (Chip on Flex) 6.75I2C-OBJ (I2C with Microchip standard object protocol);GG (DITO - 2Layer/Double Sided);Buy 
          5.01.1Data ModuleTP050W2102-CSmxT640TCOF (Chip on Flex)28X 17Y4.0OBJ-I2C GFFInfoDM1
          5.01.1New Vision DisplayTP2131SA050C-02mXT336UCOF (Chip on Flex) 4.7I2C-OBJGGInfoNVD
          7.02.0Data ModuleTP070W2203-PSmXT640U/
          None (Passive Tail,
          MXT COB
          sold separately)
          30X 18Y5.2HID-USB /OBJ-I2C GFFInfoDM2
          7.00.7Data ModuleTP070W2103-PSmXT640U/
          None (Passive Tail,
          MXT COB
          sold separately)
          30X 18Y5.2HID-USB/OBJ-I2C GFFInfoDM2
          7.01.8Promate81F070YF2A0F-PSmXT1664T3COF (Chip on Flex)  USB/I2CGFFInfoPM1
          7.01.1New Vision DisplayTP2132SA070L-01mXT224TCOF (Chip on Flex) 8.3I2C-OBJGGInfoNVD
          7.01.1New Vision DisplayTP2135SA070C-01 mXT449T-ATCOF (Chip on Flex) 6.6I2C-OBJGGInfoNVD
          7.01.1Dawar TechnologiesDW02264-BNoneNone (Passive Tail, maXTouch COB available separately) 7.5None (MXT Board available separately);GG (DITO - 2Layer/Double Sided);Buy 
          8.01.1Data ModuleTP080W2103-PSmXT640U/
          None (Passive Tail,
          MXT COB
          sold separately)
          32X 20Y5.4HID-USB/OBJ-I2C GFFInfoDM2
          8.01.1Dawar TechnologiesDW02739-ANoneNone (Passive Tail, maXTouch COB available separately)32X 20Y7None (MXT Board available separately);GG (DITO - 2Layer/Double Sided);Buy 
          10.12.0Data ModuleTP101W1203-PSmXT640U/
          None (Passive Tail,
          MXT COB
          sold separately)
          20X 32Y7.0HID-USB/OBJ-I2C G1G1InfoDM2
          10.11.8Promate Solutions81F101YFBA0F-PSmXT2952T2COF (Chip on Flex)  USB/I2CGFFInfoPM1
          10.11.1Dawar TechnologiesDW03081-ANoneNone (Passive Tail, maXTouch COB available separately) 7.2None (MXT Board available separately);GG (DITO - 2Layer/Double Sided);Buy 
          10.40.7Data ModuleTP104S2103-PSmXT640U/
          None (Passive Tail,
          MXT COB
          sold separately)
          27X 20Y8.0HID-USB/OBJ-I2C GFFInfoDM2
          12.12.0Data ModuleTP121W1204-PSmXT2952T2None (Passive Tail,
          MXT COB
          sold separately)
          41X 67Y4.0HID-USBG1G1InfoDM2
          12.11.8Promate Solutions81B121YF3A0F-PSmXT2952TD/
          COB (Chip on Board)  USB/I2CGFFInfoPM1
          12.11.1Dawar TechnologiesDW03047-ANoneNone (Passive Tail, maXTouch COB available separately) 7.4None (MXT Board available separately);GG (DITO - 2Layer/Double Sided);Buy 
          13.32.0Data ModuleTP133W1204-PSmXT2952T2None (Passive Tail,
          MXT COB
          sold separately)
          41X 71Y4.1HID-USBG1G1InfoDM2
          15.01.8Promate Solutions81B150YF2A0F-PSmXT2952TD/
          COB (Chip on Board)  USB/I2CGFFInfoPM1
          15.62.0Data ModuleTP156W1204-PSmXT2952T2None (Passive Tail,
          MXT COB
          sold separately)
          41X 71Y4.8HID-USBG1G1InfoDM2
          15.62.8Promate Solutions81B156YF2A0F-PSmXT2952TD/
          COB (Chip on Board)  USB/I2CGFFInfoPM2
          15.61.8Dawar TechnologiesDW03050-ANoneNone (Passive Tail, maXTouch COB available separately) 6.9None (MXT Board available separately);GG (DITO - 2Layer/Double Sided);Buy 
          18.53.0Data ModuleTP185W1304-PSmXT2952T2None (Passive Tail,
          MXT COB
          sold separately)
          41X 71Y5.7HID-USBG1G1InfoDM2
          19.01.1Data ModuleTP190S2104-PSmXT2952T2None (Passive Tail,
          MXT COB
          sold separately)
          41X 51Y7.5HID-USBGFFInfoDM2
          21.53.0Data ModuleTP215W1304-PSmXT2952T2None (Passive Tail,
          MXT COB
          sold separately)
          41X 71Y6.6HID-USBG1G1InfoDM2


          * Touch Interface
          I2C-OBJ (I2C with Microchip standard object protocol)
          I2C-HID (I2C with "HID" protocol)
          I2C-Vendor (I2C with proprietary vendor specified protocol)
          USB-OBJ (USB 2.0 with Microchip standard object protocol)
          USB-HID (USB 2.0 with with "HID" protocol)
          USB-Vendor (USB 2.0 with proprietary vendor specified protocol)
          SPI (Serial peripheral Interface)

          ** Touch Sensor Stackup
          OGS/TOL/G2 (One Glass Solution - 2 Layer with bridges)
          OGS/TOL/G1 (One Glass Solution - 1 Layer, no bridges)
          G1G1 (1 layer ITO on cover glass + 1 layer ITO on sensor glass, SITO)
          GG (Glass/Glass, 2 Layer/Double Sided ITO on sensor glass, DITO)
          GFF (Glass/Film/Film)
          GF/GF1 (Glass/Film - 1 Layer sensor without bridges, SITO)
          GF2 (Glass/Film - 2 Layer/Double Sided)

          ***Vendor Comments:
          DM1 available only as chip-on-flex
          DM2 Please contact DATA MODUL for corresponding controller board
          PM1 1.8mm Cover Glass with chemical strengthening, This off-the shelf product is open to customization. MOQ rules for customization should be considered.
          PM2 2.8mm Cover Glass with chemical strengthening, This off-the shelf product is open to customization. MOQ rules for customization should be considered.
          NVD Request pricing information through NVD contact form.